Jo Cox’s foundation is all about raising awareness and helping those in need in this difficult and troubling times. The foundation is about what can be done now and making efforts to continue in Jo’s footsteps. Our small team is dedicated towards helping any same-minded individuals and partnering with groups that care about fighting against xenophobic point of view that help create even bigger differences among people that the society and politics has created.

Since 2016 we’ve accomplished so much in terms of fighting against loneliness but also promoting human rights and helping women to enter public rights. Our group also cares about civilians in conflicts as well as many other public health issues like domestic and international issues.

What can you do as an individual? Join the cause by contacting us, following and participating our campaign on social platforms, donate and help us continue spread Jo’s passion. It’s really a matter of things that an individual can do to make the world around us a better place for the upcoming generation. We fight against discrimination and human rights all across the globe and are active in many events that help fight the good fight. We fight for social concepts that contribute raising awareness about what’s fair, humane and stand for rights of common people. People that are in situations that make them feel desperate, hopeless and lonely.

So start your own personal campaign if you feel the same or join us. Do as much as you can to spread awareness and change that harmful way of thinking that separates us and makes people feel lonely in this desperate time where interest overpowers basic human rights and neglects the importance of individual lives.