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we tested some of the best Caterpillar boots Buying Guide
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10 Best Caterpillar Boots Reviewed & Rated
Though technology is advancing in other sectors of the industry, there are fields where manual labor is the norm. These industries include farm work, construction sites, yard tasks and industries where able-bodied men and women still do a load of the jobs. However, these individuals have to have the ...
we tested the best rain boots for gardening Buying Guide
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Best Rain Boots Reviewed & Tested
Most people garden during their free time, either to provide vegetables and herbs for the family or as a hobby. As such we don’t put much thought into the gardening shoes we use. After all, why would anyone need a pair of rain boots just for gardening while you can use an old pair? Our Top 3 Picks ...
we tested the best snow boots Buying Guide
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Best Snow Boots Reviewed & Rated
Winter wreaks havoc on everything on its path, and that includes your feet. Without the right snow boots, you’ll grow cold feet just thinking about leaving the comfort and warmth of your couch or bed. Besides the frigid temperatures, you’ll also have to contend with cold air, freezing rain, sleet, sn...
we reviewed the best snow jackets Buying Guide
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Best Snow Jackets Reviews & Editorial Ratings
If you can’t afford to hibernate inside the house tucked safely and warmly under several duvets when winter comes, it’s time to get yourself a durable, high-quality snow jacket. Also, considering that the temperatures can and will drop to below-freezing and with all the attendant blizzards and mounds...
we reviewed the best rubber boots Buying Guide
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Best Rubber Boots Reviewed & Rated
The outdoor environment can be a particularly unwelcoming one, especially during the rainy and winter season. Aside from the risk of inadvertently stepping into puddles of water and ending up with soggy boots, there is also the attendant biting cold. It's not uncommon for outdoor enthusiasts, profess...
best heated socks rated Buying Guide
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10 Best Heated Socks Reviews & Ratings
Winter is no different from the other three seasons in that people still have to work. However, the conditions might not be the same since you have to deal with the extreme cold as you are working. Failure to do so could even lead to loss of some body parts. You might have heard of someone who lost a...
we tested the best waterproof boots Buying Guide
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10 Best Waterproof Boots Reviewed & Rated
Other than the four main seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), there are some in-between seasons that people rarely talk about. The weather during such times can be challenging to tell, but one thing is for sure, it is often wet. It can be grey, damp pre-winter, muddy, chill post-autumn, or s...
10 Best Composite Toe Boots Reviewed & Tested Buying Guide
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10 Best Composite Toe Boots Reviewed & Tested
When purchasing protective work wear, we tend to pay more attention to other parts of our bodies and ignore our feet which also need protection. This is often a fatal mistake as a 2005 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study shows that about 60,000-foot injuries occurred across the construction industr...
we tested the best tool vests Buying Guide
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Best Tool Vests Reviewed & Tested
When you get tired of carrying essential tools and accessories in the pockets of your tattered cargo pants, it’s time to invest in a more convenient, efficient, time- and energy-saving alternative: a high-quality, heavy-duty tool chest. Unlike the former alternative, a tool vest comes with several po...
we rated the best bib overalls Buying Guide
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Best Bib Overalls Reviews & Ratings
Certain work environments require premium products to ensure that work goes smoothly and bib overalls fall squarely in this category. They help fight frigid wind chills during winter and fall while still keeping you cool during the warm months. Furthermore, they are flexible and is becoming a fashion...
we reviewed the best welding gloves Buying Guide
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Best Welding Gloves Reviews & Price Comparison
As professional welders would attest, protection is of the essence whenever you're welding. Besides your eyes, the other critical body parts that need formidable protection are the fingers and hands. Irrespective of the type of welding you intend to embark on, you're bound to get seriously hurt if yo...
best safety vests reviewed 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Safety Vests Reviews & Ratings
Also known as reflective vests, safety vests are supposed to enhance the reflectivity and visibility of personnel. Some working conditions such as construction, traffic control, security, fire department, etc., are dangerous. Therefore, some safety standards that have been put in place to ensure that...
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