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we tested the best oil filled heatersBuying Guide
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Best Oil Filled Heaters Tested & Rated
Surviving the frigid cold temperatures of the winter necessitates investing a high-performance heating solution. One that's both pocket-friendly and relatively cheap to run. And one that's portable, so you can take it from one corner of the living room to the other or from room to room. The only heat...
we tested the best halogen bulbsBuying Guide
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Best Halogen Bulbs Reviewed & Rated
If you frequently drive at night and are concerned about your safety, it's high time you invested in a high-quality halogen bulb. The market is awash with a wide range of them. And our list features the best the market has to offer. They work flawlessly, giving you a perfect down-road view, further c...
we tested the best gas leak detectorsBuying Guide
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10 Best Gas Leak Detectors Reviewed & Rated
The U.S.A consumes a mindboggling 27 quadrillion cubic feet of gas annually, and though it seems like an immense value at first, it makes sense considering all we do with gas. We use natural gas to produce power, heat our home and heat water seeing as natural gas water heaters are some of the best in...
we reviewed the best front door locksBuying Guide
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Best Front Door Locks Reviews & Editorial Ratings
The vast majority of homeowners have a preference for the deadbolt and for good reason. Besides the simplicity of design and the attendant ease of use, deadbolts add an extra layer of protection. They give you the peace of mind and confidence to keep some of your treasured belongings at home. For the...
we tested the best motion detectorsBuying Guide
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Best Motion Detectors Reviewed & Rated
Motion sensors are the mainstay of any home security or automation system. These simple devices are integrated into a home automation system and alert the user of any motion. Though they are somewhat simplistic, they are versatile and different brands boast of various features for the best results. ...
best dog kennels ratedBuying Guide
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Best Dog Kennels Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Crates are great to safely transport your pet during and to cuddle her/him up while indoors. Moreover, crate training happens to be an ideal way to condition desirable behaviors into animals. Though it is controversial as most people think it is unfair to the animals, crates satisfy the dog’s i...
we rated the best welding glassesBuying Guide
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Best Welding Glasses Reviewed & Tested
A pair of heavy-duty and high-performance welding glasses are an indispensable extension of any welder’s safety arsenal. Left to their own devices, IR and UV light, and extremely bright arc light can do a lot of irreparable damage to the eyes. Other dangers include fast flying debris and partic...
we tested the best anemometersBuying Guide
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10 Best Anemometers Reviews & Ratings
When we think of anemometers, we envision a gadget that only scientists and professionals would use, and not something for the common man. However, the reality is that the common man has as much to gain from owning an anemometer as much as the professional as they can help with activities outdoors an...
best gagrage door openers on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Garage Door Openers Reviewed & Rated by Editors
If you have a garage, you might have realized that having a quality garage door opener increases the expediency of getting into and out of the house. An estimated 71% of Americans use their garage doors as the key entry point into homes, and thus the value of a quality garage door cannot be overstate...
we reviewed the best mini refridgeratorsBuying Guide
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Best Mini Refrigerators Reviewed & Rated
You really don’t need a concrete reason to get yourself a mini fridge. Students settling in their new dorm room, the office employees with long hours, the man cave captain trying to decorate their place, and the food enthusiast with a week’s worth of ingredients for their favorite meals, ...
best video doorbell testedBuying Guide
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Best Video Doorbells Reviewed & Rated
According to FBI statistics, there are over 1.5 million burglaries annually, and 70% of these are residential, and most of the thieves gain entry through the windows and the doors. Furthermore, there is a new crop of thieves who are targeting Amazon deliveries. In this era of Amazon Prime, over one m...
we tested the best smoke detectorsBuying Guide
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10 Best Smoke Detectors Reviewed & Rated
According to the USFA, that it the United States Fire Administration, 60% of all residential fire deaths are in homesteads without working fire alarms. Moreover, half of 30% to 50% of these are in properties without working smoke alarms. Therefore, we can deduce that a functional and well-maintained ...
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