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we ranked the best bosch drillsBuying Guide
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10 Best Bosch Drills Reviewed
If you are a homeowner or a craftsman, you know that you have to invest in a Bosch drill. Bosch has been in operation for 132 years, and thus they have the requisite experience in manufacturing power tools. Their drills are used for driving screws at an astonishing speed and also making threaded hole...
we tested the best electric planersBuying Guide
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Best Electric Planers Reviewed & Rated
Electric planers are a staple for home improvement projects. You’ll be hard pressed to find an alternative way of efficiently, easily, and quickly shaping, shaving, and levelling various woodworking projects. If you’re anything like us, you’ll immediately love how they easily and ac...
we rated the best DeWalt grindersBuying Guide
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Best DeWalt Grinders Reviewed, Tested & Rated
All serious woodworkers,  welders, contractors, and even extreme DIYers should have a DeWalt grinder. It comes in handy for cutting through a wide range of materials, removing burrs and rust-stained parts, finishing, or cleaning up various workpieces. If you don’t want to make the costly m...
we reviewed the best portable bad sawsBuying Guide
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Best Portable Band Saws Reviews & Ratings
There are manifold advantages to using a portable band saw. In addition to cutting materials accurately and intricately, it also features an intuitive, user-friendly design with a very gentle learning curve. Compared to other traditional alternatives, they also boast exceptional portability, high-end...
we tested the best concrete sawsBuying Guide
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Best Concrete Saws Reviewed & Tested
As everyone in the construction industry knows, a concrete saw is a very indispensable tool. They are not only tough and robust but also high-performance and versatile, allowing the user to quickly, accurately, and easily cut through a wide range of construction materials. Besides concrete, they work...
we tested the best screw gunsBuying Guide
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Best Screw Guns Reviewed & Tested
A screw gun is what you reach for when your traditional cordless screwdriver just doesn’t cut it for you. Also, compared to the conventional drill, a screw gun comes with requisite heft, power, ease of use, versatility, and practicality for undertaking the most demanding screw driving applicati...
we rated the best cordless sandersBuying Guide
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Best Cordless Sanders Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Since time immemorial, cordless sanders have always been an extension of every handyman’s professional life. They are a perfect alternative to the tedious, energy-sapping, and time-consuming conventional method of using one’s hands to sand various surfaces. The modern versions have immens...
Best Husqvarna chainsawsBuying Guide
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Best Husqvarna Chainsaws Reviewed & Rated
A highly reputed and revered industry doyen, Husqvarna has mastered the art of making some of the best chainsaws to ever hit the market. The brand harnesses several decades of experience and expertise to showcase its mettle, leading to the production of high-end, high-performance, and very dependable...
Miter Saws tested and used to find the best in the industryBuying Guide
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Best Miter Saws Reviews And Ratings
For the vast majority of professional woodworkers, and even enthusiastic DIYers, cutting and cross-cutting through different materials is the norm. Some of the materials carpenters, handymen, contractors, and homeowners have to cut through include but are not limited to large lumber stock, baseboards...
we tested the best electric chanisawsBuying Guide
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Best Electric Chainsaws Reviews & Editorial Ratings
The chainsaw is the definitive go-to tool for cutting or trimming trees, brush, lumber, logs, shrubbery, and limbs, among others. When you’re in the market for a new one or your first, it pays to proceed with an abundance of caution to find the right one that best addresses your unique needs. T...
best DeWALT drills ratedBuying Guide
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10 Best DeWALT Drills Reviewed & Rated
DeWALT is a subsidiary of Black & Decker and is symbolic of high-end contractor grade power tools. Moreover, DeWALT tools are renowned workhorses that will serve the professional and any hobbyist looking for an exceptional device. They also happen to be reasonably priced, and thus you will be get...
we tested the best rotary hammersBuying Guide
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10 Best Rotary Hammers: Reviews & Editorial Ratings
If you don’t pick out the best tools for either your DIY or professional jobs, there is a high probability that you might end up messing it up. The same is the case when rotary hammers are involved. You might struggle through drilling that large concrete slab for no good reason. Do your researc...
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