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check out our 10 best caulking guns Buying Guide
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Best Caulking Guns Reviewed and Rated by Our Team
Generally, a good caulking gun simplifies the tasks of spreading silicone or latex caulking to seal up cracks, gaps and to bind materials like wood, ceramic, glass and metal. Caulking goes way back to the days of wooden ships on the high seas and was applied with wedges and mallets. We’ve come a long...
we tested the best DeWalt blowers Buying Guide
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Best DeWalt Blowers Reviewed and Rated by Our Team
When autumn peaks, a high-quality, practical and functional DeWalt blower will quickly prove to be an indispensable extension of your toolbox. It spares you the frustration, effort, and time of cleaning up your property dotted with trees off leaves and other debris from multiple surfaces. DeWalt blow...
we put to test the best torque multipliers Buying Guide
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10 Best Torque Multipliers Reviewed & Rated
If you have a repair situation or you work in a construction company, you probably need to invest in the best torque multiplier. For convenient and best results in tightening the nuts, bolts and other items designed for torque application, this equipment is the best deal for your work. One of the ...
we tested the best glass cutters Buying Guide
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10 Best Glass Cutters Reviewed & Rated
Working with glass is more than a hobby, but an art form. Glass work requires a high level of precision, attention to detail and hard work seeing as you are working with robust and fragile material. A tiny slip-up can lead to losses. Furthermore, the difference between clean score lines that will br...
best paint strippers Buying Guide
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10 Best Paint Strippers Reviews & Ratings
When painting surfaces, be it furniture, your house, or your automobile, you have to prepare appropriately. Proper preparation is essential as the result depends on the surface underneath. Before you consider repainting though check if you can restore the coating by sanding and scrapping the weak are...
best tap and die sets Buying Guide
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10 Best Tap and Die Set Reviewed & Rated
Though these sets are not popular in most garages as you can purchase bolts and nuts with ease, they are still a great armory addition for any home mechanic. Tap and dies are used to create screw threads in a process known as threading. The die creates the male portion, e.g., the bolt of the mating p...
we tested the best aviation tips Buying Guide
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Best Aviation Snips Reviewed & Rated
Technicians and contractors are conversant with the indispensability of aviation snips. They are a must-have for anyone, from the seasoned professional to the budding greenhorn in search of a heavy-duty, easy-to-use, and dependable way of slitting or cutting through sheets of metal. While you can res...
We reviewed the best jugsaws in 2017. Buying Guide
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The Best Jigsaws Reviewed and Rated
Whether you are an avid DIY hobbyist or a serious professional, the jigsaw is a must have item when precision, speed and finesse are required in your cutting. A jigsaw can be used to make accurate straight cuts, as well as cuts that a bandsaw could never do -curves, pocket cuts, circular cutouts, fur...
we tested the best chisel sets on the market Buying Guide
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Best Chisel Sets Reviews & Ratings
Having the best performing chisel set is the first crucial step towards achieving a higher output, either as an enthusiastic hobbyist or professional woodworker. A toolbox in a woodworking workshop would not be complete without a set of practical and functional wood chisels, especially considering th...
we tried and tested the best auto feed screwdrivers Buying Guide
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Best Auto Feed Screwdrivers Reviewed
Production framers and a series of other occupations can often measure the amount of plywood flooring and decking they install using acres rather than feet. That great need and the movement away from pneumatic nailers has made tools like auto feed screwdrivers that much more desirable. Unlike standar...
best micrometers reviewed Buying Guide
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Best Micrometers Reviewed & Rated
For professionals in woodworking, engineering, construction, and medicine fields, and several others, a micrometer is an indispensable tool used for a wide range of projects. Compared to a Vernier caliper, a micrometer provides an effortless and accurate way of measuring the distance between one poin...
best drywall sanders tested in 2017 Buying Guide
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Best Drywall Sanders Reviewed In Depth
If you work around your home or other homes, you are going to be working with a lot of drywall. In fact, in the last hundred years, once drywall became an established alternative to lath and plaster, it became perhaps the most common material in and around North American homes. A colossal 85,000,000,...
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