About Jo Cox

Jo Cox’s life was marked by her compassion and by her passion. She worked tirelessly for a fairer, kinder and more tolerant world. And she believed passionately that even the greatest challenges could be overcome.

She was a campaigner and an active member of her community. She was a colleague, a friend, a wife, a daughter and a sister. Above all, she was a mother to two beautiful children. Read more.

Latest tweets


JoCoxLoneliness‘The world shrinks’ – how one carer explained her feelings of loneliness. Start a conversation and tell carers you’re #Happytochat 23 Aug 2017


JoCoxLoneliness Not feeling comfortable talking about caring is major reason carers can feel alone https://www.jocoxloneliness.org/pledge #happytochat 23 Aug 2017


JoCoxLoneliness Half of carers say struggling to get out of the house has made them feel lonely. Pledge to end loneliness https://www.jocoxloneliness.org/pledge 22 Aug 2017

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